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Getting ahead in business

There are many ways to get ahead in business in the sense of promotion, you can do advertising, promote your website, print flyers or hold an event but whilst these are all potential solutions often people make mistakes in the sense of planing them where the end result is more …

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What weight of paper is best

This is a question we get asked a lot and to a large degree its down to preference and budget. You will pay more for heavier paper than standard, there are benefits using both so here is our recommendations. For Flyers There is nothing set in stone as its largely …

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Promoting Your Business

Website Promotion There are indeed many ways to promote your business including the Internet, common questions we receive are: Q. How effective is website promotion? A. It is very effective it is the means for your companies website and the services you provide to receive mass exposure via the search …

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Cheap Versus Affordable Printing

In this modern age there are many printing companies offering affordable or cheap printing but in fact, cost is one thing but what about quality.. would you buy something based upon price alone? Lets take business cards for example, there are companies offering these for a small amount and on …

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Design is key to making an impact

One of the key points when making artwork for print is to make it eye catching and deliver a message that gets a response. We receive artwork from some clients and it’s not the best at all, lacks depth, colours are all wrong and it does not impinge this is …

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