Cheap Versus Affordable Printing

In this modern age there are many printing companies offering affordable or cheap printing but in fact, the cost is one thing but what about quality.. would you buy something based upon price alone?

Let’s take business cards for example, there are companies offering these for a small amount and on the surface of things they seem like a bargain, then they arrive at your business and they are not what was expected.. maybe they look bland or the card there printed on looks a little shabby, disappointment raises his head.

What about leaflets and flyers, yes you can buy them with a design for a little money and the printer who offers them suggests “for affordable printing come us” etc, etc. You receive your leaflet order three weeks late and there not quite what was ordered and on top of that, the master artwork files are available to you for an extra charge..

Then there are good old Letterheads, again the price seems cheap for the design and print and you place your order. The letterhead order arrives and the quality ain’t the best.

Do you see the point here, its price versus quality?

Our printing is cheap and of the highest quality

That’s the difference at EMP, we often go beyond the call of duty to ensure your printing order is produced to the highest standards and delivered to you as fast as possible and NEVER with a delivery cost (UK mainland).

We check your artwork as much as we will advise you of any errors and if needed we can create the right design for your company to give you the best chance to yield a great result with your marketing campaign.

Your order is usually on the press within 2 hours from receiving your order and once complete is swiftly dispatched to your door.

The moral of the story – when you’re looking for the cheap printing and you want the very best, we can help you.