Design in Print is the key to making an impact

One of the key points when making artwork for print is to make it eye-catching and deliver a message that gets a response. We receive artwork from some clients and it’s not the best at all, lacks depth, colours are all wrong and it does not impinge this is clear to see that it has been rushed.

Ideal Scene

When you making artwork that is going to be used to promote your business there are key points to bear in mind,, they are:

Choice of colour
Pictures being high resolution
A catchy message that prompts a response

Taking each point separately, the following points are useful as a guide to an effective advertising leaflet or promotion product that yields results.


There are certain colours that frankly are not right when used on leaflets, they are black (mass coverage) , light green,yellow, orange, in fact any colour that is too light does not cut the mustard. Whilst a lot depends upon the business your looking to promote, safe colours are pastel ones, blue (confident colour) and related.


When you add a picture to your artwork/design and it’s being printed it must be 300DPI – high resolution, the reason being that when it’s printed if the picture(s) are less than 300dpi they will appear blurred.

Catchy Message

So whilst you only have the persons attention on average for a 30-50 seconds you need to make a reason for them to get in touch with you and buy/order your services. A catchy message stands out, be original and think out the box.

A good message draws in clients to your business; an example would be “We are here waiting for your call, so call us now!