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Letterheads still work

EMP have been producing and are the 1st choice for letterhead printing to both commercial, educational and private users for many years an we are known for our consistent high quality keenly priced printing and speed of service with an average turnaround time of 3 working days or less. One of our specialties, is our budget range, although this is cheap letterhead printing it oozes the quality and vibrancy you would expect to cost you a lot more from competitors but then, we like to go the extra mile on full colour letterhead printing and supply you a product that will always exceed you expectations.

As you would expect we off a design service for our letterheads, what may well surprise you is the cost to design (on the basis we will be printing it) is a mere £16.99 +VAT with up to 20 alterations thrown in and all artwork is carried out in-house by our dedicated team and never from templates, all our work is original.


When you place your order and forward us your camera ready design, it would normally be on the press in around 2 hours. Our speedy production team waste no time in processing and mounting your order thus giving you a speedy service – A to B.

The need for letterhead printing in business

To save on cheap letterheads, these days some companies opt to just use email messages instead, this can be a PR disaster, have letterheads as a PR tool is a must they provide an image of your company and designed correctly can leave a lasting impression winning you an order possibly a lot more besides. Emails carry no visual image whereas letterhead (budget or premium) printing really shows the professional image and your logo thus generating confidence and acceptance.

Letterheads in business are a must and no matter how you make your living – a builder, plumber, Independent financial advisor, electrician and so on, you will 95% of the time use a letterhead to correspond, raise an invoice or do a mailshot. It’s a powerful tool when used correctly.

Letterhead guide

Some things to consider when ordering:

Design should be CMYK(4 colour) only never RGB, the reason for this is that when printed, your letterhead will not look how you see it on your PC screen and this can be a potential disaster, ideally get an employee to design letterhead or ask us.

Paper choice: You can opt for 3 types here and they all look great, even with our budget paper you wont get that “cheap letterheads look” as even our 100Gsm will fit the majority of business. If you are have a full colour logo on you letterheads, its wise to opt for thicker 120gsm the reason for this is that more colour means more fill and higher saturation thus 120gsm will look a lot better than 100gsm based on this example.

Colour choice: We often find pastel colours work very well when doing design work for a client, such as confident blues, pinks, greens and so on but this don to personal taste.

Whichever printer you opt to use, the key is quality and a cheap price for your letterheads. At EMP we can deliver both for you.