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Promoting Your Business

Website Promotion

There are indeed many ways to promote your business including the Internet, common questions we receive are:

Q. How effective is website promotion?

A. It is very effective it is the means for your companies website and the services you provide to receive mass exposure via the search engines and social media. It’s the key to growing your business.

Q.Does promotion of my business cost a lot of money?

A.Overall no it is not, if the promotion is carried out by a reputable company such as EMP then you can be sure the prices for the packages we offer are very keen, starting at a mere £299 + VAT for professional marketing on the web.

Q.How long before I start seeing results from promotion?

A.Once we get started, you should usually see results (keywords) appear on Google within 1 month (often less). Over time these results tend to improve based on the clients we provide marketing too at the moment.

You may need a website created, why not take a look at what we have to offer.

Marketing your business with Print

There are many ways you can market your business with print including the obvious – leaflets, brochures , booklets etc but the key is to do it the right way. As covered in a previous post for a successful campaign there are key factors to consider.


Used daily by companies large and small leaflets and flyers are sometimes given as handouts or inserted in newspapers etc they are the stable datum for many to show off there products and services.

A key point on Flyers and Leaflets is why do so many end up in the waste paper basket? Have you ever thought about this? Lets look at a typical run of 1000 A5 flyers that are delivered to householders, the person sees the leaflet and then a second later puts it in the bin.. Why is this? It’s answered simply – Design!

Making them eye catching

Colors and Words

You only have typically seconds to get the readers attention so in that time you have to make an impact! STOP – READ THIS is an example of getting someone’s attention. Once you have there attention, then do a call for action statement, make it REAL for the reader, create desire and they will, in turn this will make a far more successful marketing campaign. Being creative and think out the box, you have a great chance to get your message across and get a better return than expected.

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