Roller Banners Do They Really Work?

These days there are many ways to promote your company, in print,online and in person.  One of products highlighted this month at EMP is Roller Banners, very much understated they are very effective and don’t cost the earth.. The question is, do they work?

Different Types of Banners

There are many types available to buy, we class the as good – bad and don`t bother. So lets look at this in more detail:

Good – 610gsm PVC

These are pretty much flawless, as there very thick and long lasting. Perfect for literally any event from an open day to a shopping center, designed correctly they really can boost your sales. Why are they the best, because there not flimsy or cheap looking… they make an impact and deliver your message in style. You can use them far longer than cheaper variants as well.

Bad –  200 – 300 gsm

There not so sturdy as a rule and pretty much can be thrown away after you have used them saying that there are exceptions to this rule but from observation the impression they create may not be the best.

Don`t bother – Less than 200gsm

From seeing some in the high street in the recent past, they are`nt pretty and thus could be seen to give out the wrong message.

The morale of the story:

If it seems cheap, it will usually look it

In a world where 1st impressions count its worth a thought. You can checkout out range of roller banners here