What weight of paper is best

This is a question we get asked a lot and to a large degree its down to preference and budget. You will pay more for heavier paper than standard, there are benefits using both so here is our recommendations.

For Flyers

There is nothing set in stone as its largely down to the trade your working in. On average for the likes of Dentists, Builders and Plumbers the popular weight of paper is 130gsm, you can go heavier to say 170gsm or 200gsm on A5 for example. If your looking at having postcard size leaflets printed in A6 format then 400gsm would be the best option.

For Booklets

Our most popular product is 130gsm gloss cover and inner pages for a handout; if it’s a corporate booklet then we suggest a cover of 300gsm card and the pages inside being 170gsm. Maximum pages can be 100

Note on Perfect Bound

You can go up to a 300gsm cover and pages bound can be up to 170gsm with the maximum number of pages per booklet of 240.

For Letterheads

The recommended choice is 120gsm, this is perfect for a laser printer and holds the colour well contra to 100gsm which can be more translucent. Same applies to compliment slips.

For Posters

Standard is 130gsm but you can go thicker it depends on the usage, if the poster is large format and its displayed outdoors, heavier paper is better – ideally 170gsm.

For Folded Leaflets

This is based upon what you intend to use them for, our standard folded leaflets are on 130gsm but you can go to 300gsm or heavier if there for a restaurant, takeaway or used at a corporate event.

For Business Cards

We offer a choice from silk 400gsm to 450gsm matt laminated. Our most popular cards are printed on 400gsm, there keenly priced and available in other shapes including rounded etc.